Individual Stadiums reserve the right to have Stadium and Competition specific Terms and Conditions. A link to those Stadium's respective Policy will appear at the completion of the following standard Terms and Conditions;


Each of our seasonal leagues include grading games, competition round games, semi-finals and finals, and are run on the basis of each team playing one game per week against teams of similar abilities.

During grading, your team will play opponents of varying abilities so that we can get an idea of just how competitive or social your team really is. Once the grading rounds have finished, your team will then be placed into a grade that we feel best suits your ability.


All of our competitions are run on a pay as you play basis, with teams simply having to pay a team match fee prior to the start of each game. This fee is a team fee and must be paid in full regardless of the number of players a team may have playing in any particular match. Teams may also pay the entire season up-front and for teams that prefer this option a discounted rate is offered.


Teams are asked to select the day that they would prefer to play their games and the playing times on that day that would best suit their team. It is always our aim to keep your games within this range of times, but sometimes this just isn’t possible so we ask that all teams be as flexible as possible when required.


To maintain the integrity of our competitions, all teams are expected to play all ofthe games scheduled for their team, irrespective of the playing day or time. We do however understand that this may not sometimes be possible, and any team finding themselves in this situation must give the Stadium as much notice as possible. We will endeavour to re-schedule these games where possible but do not guarantee that they will be able to be played at another time.


Teams that cancel or default any scheduled game will be charged the appropriate default fee as detailed in their registration pack and our stadium policy. This fee must be paid prior to the start of such team’s next scheduled match.


The integrity of any competition is affected when scheduled matches are not played as the championship ladder does not provide a true reflection of the teams playing within the grade. Stadium Management reserves the absolute right to remove any team who defaults any scheduled match or brings the competition into disrepute. Furthermore should a team wish to withdraw from any competition during the season all outstanding team fees must be paid in full before their withdrawal is completed.


To keep our competitions fair and to ensure that the finals for all grades are a true reflection of the season, we have strict player qualification rules. To be eligible to play for a team in any game during the finals series and as a rule of thumb a player must have been registered as a member of that team and taken the court in at least one third of all competition round games played by that team leading up to the finals.


All players must wear clothing and footwear that is suitable for playing sport in.Work clothing and footwear, jeans and other such clothing are not permitted to be worn on our courts, and for safety reasons players are not permitted to play without suitable footwear. Please also note that players are not permitted to take the court wearing any form of jewellery that may cause injury to themselves or another player

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